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Canadian government revamps the temporary foreign worker programme

With the government’s focus on ‘Canadians First’ for Canadian jobs, the requirements to hire temporary foreign workers were revamped to make the hiring of foreign workers, and in particular low-skilled/low-wage foreign workers, more difficult for employers.

For employers that utilise labour market opinions (now known as labour market impact assessments — LMIAs), one of the biggest changes is the increased application fee that is now CAD1,000 (£547) per position (up from CAD275) with the potential of an additional CAD100 ‘privilege fee’ to be added. For those employers wishing to employ ‘high-skilled/high-wage’ foreign workers, a transition plan will need to be submitted with LMIA applications. For those employers wishing to hire ‘low-skilled/low-wage’ foreign workers, the ability to hire foreign workers will be tied to the unemployment rate in the region they wish to hire the foreign workers and there will be caps placed on the number of such applications an employer can request. The duration of LMIAs issued for such workers in Canada will also decrease to one-year increments…

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