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Buying for schools

In recent years, maintained schools have been given more control over their own budget. Those schools that have converted to academies have even greater financial freedom. We are finding that many local authorities are not offering the same level of support to maintained schools with their procurement as they once did; and academies do not have that support at all, unless they choose to buy back a service from the local authority.

Yet schools, whether academies, free schools or community schools, are funded by public money so they must follow the procurement rules to make sure that public funds are being spent openly and fairly. The Department for Education (DfE) has recently set up a new collection of documents on its website to help schools ensure they follow the correct procurement procedures, not only to comply with the legislation but to make sure that they get a good deal.

The main document is ‘Effective buying for your school’, which is a revamped version of guidance that was published last year. This article summarises the main points…

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