Bulgaria: avoiding legal ‘gotchas’ in your next marketing campaign

Businesses have relied on marketing campaigns (including special offers and games) for decades to popularise their services and products. In these efforts, the end consumer has always been the target and the source of success. With the dramatic increase of digital technologies, it has become an expected trend for organisations to use their websites, social media and other online sources to achieve higher sales. Bulgaria is no exception to this trend. Due to the influence of the dynamic environment and the golden rule to ‘be the first’, there is a tendency among companies in Bulgaria to speed up such campaigns and neglect what should be a core part of them, namely their legal structure. This in turn can create a risk of potentially serious unintended breaches. There are many good reasons why Bulgarian companies should consider the legal side before launching new online marketing campaigns.

Why? An online marketing campaign often includes the assistance of an advertising agency, the use of personal data (e.g. names, email addresses and addresses of consumers), prizes, the use of photos subject to copyrights and the use of the company’s trademarks and those of its campaign partners, to name just a few aspects. The aforementioned matters are regulated by various laws…

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