ATHEX: the place of opportunities

Athens Exchange (ATHEX) is the only official market for shares, derivatives, products and bonds trading in Greece, both for private and institutional investors.

Its innovative regulatory framework and uncomplicated admission procedure combined with an efficient trading platform and fair security pricing mechanisms make it an appealing marketplace for investment. Further advantages of ATHEX for listed or potential listed companies to be outlined include the ability to raise capital at low cost, the continuous market valuation, its increased reputation, diversification of risk, better price mechanism and, last but certainly not least, its increasing attraction to new and sophisticated investors.

Even though its reliance has been challenged during the last years, mostly due to the recession caused by the economic crisis and the hesitation of the investors to invest, ATHEX is reported to have a significant fundraising role for listed companies, as between 2005 and 2013 the capital raised reached €67.6bn (£55.4bn), the majority of which was raised from international institutional investors, highlighting the dynamics of the Greek market and economy…

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