Appeals from the Royal Court of Guernsey: when does time start to run?

To appeal a decision of the Royal Court, a party must serve a notice of appeal within one month from the date the judgment or order was ‘pronounced’. The time limit for appeal therefore requires consideration as to exactly when a decision is pronounced. In most cases, this will be clear — the judge will give a decision and the reasons for it in open court or alternatively may reserve judgment to be handed down at a later date.

In order to manage cases efficiently, the Royal Court now commonly informs parties of ‘the result’, with written reasons to follow. This is particularly helpful with interlocutory decisions where reserving a decision until a written judgment is available may adversely affect one or all of the parties involved. This has, however, led to some confusion as to when time for appeal starts to run — is it when the result is given or the written judgment delivered? The Court of Appeal has now provided some clarity on the meaning of the word ‘pronounced’ in its decision in Propinvest Group Ltd (in Administration) v Glenn Maud

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