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Agency for Financial, IT and Intermediary Services from Sarajevo fined for abuse of dominance

By Igor Nikolić

The Competition Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina on 16 December 2013 fined the Agency for Financial, IT and Intermediary Services (AFIP) for abuse of dominant position on the relevant market of the provision of financial, IT and intermediary services in the territory of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The proceedings were initiated upon request of the company ‘LRC Inženjering’ from Sarajevo due to AFIP’s refusal to enter into a business co-operation agreement with LRC Inženjering, which, according to the company, excluded LRC Inženjering from the market and placed it at a competitive disadvantage.

The law on competition of Bosnia and Herzegovina is applicable to all natural and legal persons who, directly or indirectly, are active in the production and sale of goods or the provision of services, thus making it also applicable to companies that are entrusted with the exercise of certain powers of a public authority when they, directly or indirectly, participate in or affect the market. The Bosnian Competition Council has on several occasions conducted investigations against public authorities due to infringement of competition law by their regulatory activity…

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