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Adjudicator’s award was shaming of union officials for ‘ongoing campaign’, harassment of member

By Adrian Miedema

A union member has won a legal battle against local union officials after they engaged in a ‘campaign’ against him that attacked his credibility and resulted in him being subjected to a harassment complaint.

The employee, Benoit, worked in a correctional institution. He sent an email to an assistant warden expressing concern that ‘CXJ’, a female correctional officer, was not wearing proper safety equipment. The assistant warden copied in Trimble, a correctional officer at the institution and an executive on the union local, on her response.

Trimble forwarded the email chain to two other local union officials, Smith and Clarke, with disparaging commentary about Benoit. Unfortunately for Benoit, Smith was in an intimate relationship with CXJ. Trimble forwarded the entire email string to CXJ, who evidently became upset and filed a harassment complaint against Benoit, which was eventually dismissed…

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