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A bridge to Africa: Morocco is the place to be for companies and firms looking to gain a foothold in Africa

The deepening of the European crisis has prompted many international law firms to seek growth in Asia and Africa, for these two continents offer respectable growth rates. With respect to North Africa, there is a consensus that the Kingdom of Morocco has emerged from the Arab Spring as the most stable country in the region.

Because of its undeniable political stability due to its monarchy, its long and proven history laden with the embedded values of cultural, ethnic and religious tolerance, as well as its thriving economy, Morocco is uniquely positioned to play the geostrategic role of a regional power.

In addition, and due to Morocco’s traditional neutral stance vis-à-vis its African counterparts, the country is now playing the role of one of the preferred bridges to Africa. This has resulted in a number of Moroccan companies being able to enter into successful African ventures, especially in the banking and insurance industry and the social-housing market. It has also prompted a substantial number of multinationals to relocate their North African regional hubs in Morocco…

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