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A quick guide to trademarks download subscription

LK Shields Solicitors 27-Jan-2015

Trademarks give your business a unique, protectable brand which is readily identifiable by consumers. 

US hedge fund manager issues threat to Big Pharma patent portfolios download subscription

Dentons 27-Jan-2015

Hedge fund manager Kyle Bass plans to take on some of the world’s largest drug producers by challenging the patents that protect their top products.

Lidl's ‘Deluxe’ mark descriptive, says the General Court download subscription

Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co 27-Jan-2015

A reminder to all brand owners when creating brand names to give careful consideration to ensuring they are original

Audit clauses: judgment confirms that drafting clarity is key download subscription

Kemp Little 26-Jan-2015

A recent summary judgment by the High Court serves to highlight the role an audit clause plays when a licensor’s desire to police the use of its intellectual property conflicts with the licensee’s interest in preserving its own confidential information.

Court of Appeal confirms no English celebrity image right but Topshop’s Rihanna T-shirt was passing off download subscription

Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co 23-Jan-2015

The Court of Appeal has delivered its decision in the litigation between Rihanna and Topshop, upholding the trial judge’s finding that Topshop’s unauthorised use of Rihanna’s image on a T-shirt was passing off.

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Information Technology Briefings

Five golden rules for accountability on privacy and cyber security download subscription

Dentons 27-Jan-2015

The vulnerability of information on digital platforms constitutes an unprecedented risk and the undermining of customer trust goes straight to the bottom line.

The new general counsel: being front and centre of cyber incident response download subscription

PwC 27-Jan-2015

Looking across our cyber response engagements there’s a stark – and  illuminating – contrast between the UK and US.

Unlock Italy: telecoms operators optimistic download subscription

NCTM 27-Jan-2015

Decree-Law 133/2014, known as the ‘Unlock Italy Decree’, has significant implications for the telecoms sector. In particular, a 50 per cent tax credit is envisaged for wideband in ‘white areas’.

ICO issues enforcement notice in response to Office data security breach download subscription

Shoosmiths 26-Jan-2015

Shoe retailer Office has become the latest retailer to have its knuckles wrapped by the Information Commissioner’s Office following a data protection breach.

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Clear days: some clarity download subscription

Shoosmiths 27-Jan-2015

The Companies Act provisions governing the length of notice shareholders are entitled to prior to annual general meetings (AGMs) and general meetings can prove tricky to interpret.

Over 50 per cent of Britons believe childcare should be shared download subscription

IBB Solicitors 26-Jan-2015

A survey from the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills has found that 83 per cent of potential future parents will consider taking advantage of the new rules that come into force in April.

Employing an ex-offender: where do employers stand? download subscription

Bates Wells Braithwaite 26-Jan-2015

The employment issues around employing individuals who have been convicted of a criminal offence.

Median pay rises drop to 2 per cent download subscription

B P Collins 26-Jan-2015

Pay rises are currently worth more than inflation but only because inflation has fallen to a record low. 

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The comptroller of patents has been given extra powers to revoke patents download subscription

Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co 9-Oct-2014

The comptroller of patents has been given extra powers to revoke patents based on lack of novelty or inventive step.

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What is the true value of a property? weblink subscription

Walker Morris 26-Jan-2015

When considered practically, the logical approach would be that a property is worth however much people are prepared to pay for it.

Case update: a chattel or a fixture? weblink subscription

Walker Morris 26-Jan-2015

The degree and object of annexation were the key principles for the High Court to consider in the recent case of Lictor Anstalt v Mir Steel UK Ltd and Libala Ltd.

Liability for non-domestic rates on disclaimer of a lease weblink subscription

Walker Morris 26-Jan-2015

The issue was who should bear the cost of rates liabilities where a lease has been disclaimed and the landlord has not re-entered the property.

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Media/Entertainment/Sport Briefings

Rihanna retains passing-off victory against Topshop download subscription

Shoosmiths 27-Jan-2015

In 2013 global pop sensation Rihanna took legal action against the retail giant and its parent company Arcadia for using an image of her on a T-shirt and succeeded in the High Court with her claim of passing-off.

Tweeting hell! download subscription

Gateley 23-Jan-2015

The behaviour of employees on social media and an employer’s ability to discipline inappropriate behaviour has been a hot topic for some time.

Blurred Lines: music copyright disputes download subscription

Collyer Bristow 22-Jan-2015

Blurred Lines, Robin Thicke’s collaborative track with Pharrell Williams, from the album of the same name, has been courting controversy since its release in 2013.

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Regulatory and compliance Briefings

Liability of registrar of companies in negligence download subscription

7KBW 27-Jan-2015

Case establishes duty of care against the Registrar of Companies for mistaken liquidation entry.

Ireland: Companies Act 2014 conversions — decisions to be made download subscription

KPMG 27-Jan-2015

With the commencement of the Companies Act 2014 at our doorstep, companies will need to make decisionsabout their future.

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