BPP and CoL Bristol invasion sparks LPC supremacy war

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  • The teaching team at BILP are brilliant. The staff are all seem to be approachable with any queries and support the students there.

    There are good links with the local firms that are long established. Even without the lower fees I would choose to study there.

    The introduction of CoL and BPP will seemingly result in a surplus of LPC graduates without training contracts. This will be a negative influence for prospective students of every institution in the area.

    Perhaps if Nigel Savage could concentrate more on the merits of his own institute rather than needlessly attacking others, CoL would seem a more attractive place to study.

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  • Dispicible behaviour from Nigel Savage. It is the College of Law who charge extortionate fees for the LPC. Honestly, as a former student i don't know how he can accuse other providers of ripping people off. All lectures in Col are in the form of i-tutorials over the internet. They are incredibly dull to watch and Mr. Savage have cleverly marked this feature as being something that sets Col apart from the compitition in that it shows Col is at the cutting edge of technology. The truth is that it is just a cost cutting exercise at the expense of the ripped-off student, who is forced to endure this boring form of teaching

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  • Eight grand is a ridiculous amount of money for a course with little real teaching involved, it feels more like you're paying for the privilege of having a library card and a reading list. Still, it's cheaper than the extortionate fees at the College of Law and BPP.

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  • "The College of Law accusing someone else of overcharging? Hilarious"

    Quoted for truth.

    BILP can presumably cut their fees because they don't have expensive city centre premises.

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  • If location influenced the cost, College of Law Chester should be paying you to go there.

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  • The "full time" LPC can be as little as 8 hours of tuition a week; certainly no more than 15h/w. There is way too much slack, specially for students up to their ears in debt and in a hurry to start work. It's not a particularly intellectually demanding course either, so it's not like students need lots of time to revise every week. The LPC could easily be completed in a much shorter time, or even in the evenings over one year. I think the CoL's reluctance to introduce a fast-track version is that the providers suspect that at some point people will start questioning whether these courses are really worth £10-£12K. They aren't.

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  • I am a current student at BILP and think the staff are amazing, they re-wrote the course this year to help us and Collage of Law cannot provide the level of service we get in that manner as they roll their teaching out everywhere.
    Collage of Law may be right for some people, but BILP is right for me and the hundreds of others who have gone on to become well established in Bristol.
    They should not say that they are better when we are individuals and it may not be.

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  • I went to BILP. The teaching was OK - some excellent some truly awful. It will be no different at CoL or BPP. In fact, the more enterprising lecturers will offer their services to both institutions on a "freelance" basis.

    90% of what you learn is completely irrelevant in any case.

    Two things make the real difference:

    1. Cost
    2. Location

    COST: If you are funded by a firm or have a rich daddy, it won't bother you. If you are, this may dictate your choice. You won't get a worse education from BILP than anywhere else. To be honest the LPC does not really prepare you for a TC in any case.

    LOCATION: BILP's premesis are depressing. You can't live close by, so you have to drive (parking is totally crazy and inadequate) or take an overcrowded bus. This means it's hard to have a drink after lectures because most people are driving. Social life therefore is limited.

    In the city centre there is a choice of decent coffee shops, stuff to do between lectures and the opportunity to pop to the bank/post office/hair dresser/pharmacy/pub at any time of the day. The taxi fare home after a night on the town is also negligible. However, accommodation is likely to be much more expensive and also grottier than out in the suburbs.

    So if you are someone who is not bothered by city centre attractions, has the mental power to ignore the depressing buildings and wants to save money, go to BILP. If you want to have a great social life which takes you away from your grotty city centre accommodation and have money to burn, go to CoL/BPP.

    What will make you a good solicitor is hard work and common sense. The LPC is just a hurdle to actually getting there.

    Nigel Savage should grow up. Not sure what kind of image he is trying to portray of CoL, but it would put me off going there given the choice.

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  • I studied my GDL at CoL and my LPC at BPP. I would agree with above posters that fees are extortionate and unlikely to be reflected in any 'added value'.

    Unfortunately though, the names will hold sway with bigger firms simply by reputation. Subject to this, I would just choose based on price.

    As between BPP and CoL, I preferred my exp and the atmosphere at CoL.

    However, given the repeated and petty digs, cheap shots and nasty comments by Nigel Savage when another law school does ANYTHING (i.e city's long overdue decision to interview for the Bar) I would not go there now. It appears more concerned with growth/the market/other schools than teaching.

    Also, Savage shows an extraordinary lack of commercial awareness in his marketing...

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  • Agree about Savage and his lack of marketing awareness - COL advert at Bristol train stn says Mind The Gap. Might have missed somethin here but didnt know that the tube now runs outside london to south west!

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