BLP lays groundwork for move into Latin America

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  • It is quite common nowadays for foreign law firms to open offices of their own in Latin America.

    Foreign clients appear to prefer dealing with a law firm which is established in their homeland which they may be able to hold accountable based on the law of their country. But, in recent times, clients recognize global law firms which open offices in foreign countries and rely on the firm’s prestige thus elect to retain their services over local barristers.

    The main challenge for large international firms and smaller local firms alike, is to establish a successful long-term relationship with their clients on foreign soil. That is, the client expectations must be consistent with what the local law firm understands about those expectations.

    Foreign clients often do not fully understand the nuances of legal practice customs, standards of professional responsibility, local political systems and economic environment which may limit their ability to achieve their business goals in the law firm’s country.

    Rafael Solorzano
    Corporate Practice Manager
    Grupo Farias
    Tax Attorneys
    Tijuana, Mexico

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