Blake Lapthorn launches second redundancy round

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  • Securing whose long term future?

    Did he sit up all night to write that? Close, but no cigar I'm afraid. Surely those whose thought they were living the dream need more of an explanation for finding themselves shuffling along a queue of shellsuits. Why is a long term view only now being taken? I wonder what all these redundancy candidates were sold on applying to a "big firm" to lure them from jobs with less sonorous brand firms? Were they offered an employer with a short-term rainbow view of an everlasting credit bubble or an investment with a firm with a long term view that saw this sort of thing coming and had contingencies already in place so that this degree of wastage would not occur short of an unforeseeable second coming crisis? This was foreseeable but like a gambler who cannot stop placing bets these firms kept recruiting and expanding - building ever bigger barns in the expectation that this would result in bigger crops. The employees did their job of putting city hours in (foregoing the work/life balance) these firms took that for granted, messed it all up, took the profits, ate the meal and have left the employees to stand the cheque. They should all burn for this.

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