Bindmans set for CoA in Tony Nicklinson 'right to die' case

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  • The core of the issue of Yeses and Nos for assisted suicides is that it is ever uncomfortable thought to know that you may contribute to someone's death, whether you are a judge to decide in the matter, family member or a doctor.
    Meanwhile, many physically disabled individuals believe that their life has ended already - when they suddenly lost their physical ability.
    Where are though, at that point, those life changing and professionally qualified specialists and their skills to spring a breeze of support to embrace new reality and draw prospects of opportunities ahead of?
    But if we imagine that sometimes physical pain may become regular and intolerable, we shouldn't be surprised someone wants to end their life as a result of it.
    I think assisted suicide should be allowed (to those who can communicate such wish) but only after a long (lasting at least 12 months), immaculately designed and working (!) programme of professional therapeutic support.
    Today it only works on an individual and voluntary basis that people seek professional help or not when they feel depressed following major trauma.

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