Ashurst, Herbies ride out tough year; BLP, Macfarlanes, SJ Berwin succumb

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  • Faltering?

    Macfarlanes' revenues increased, and PEP is still the highest of all these firms (Ashurst and Herbies have taken until now to catch up) - not sure 'faltering' is quite the right word...

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  • Get a grip

    What utter drivel. I hardly think a business whose partners are pocketing in excess of £1m a year can be thought of as having sucumbed to anything, by any stretch of even the most deranged imagination. Reading pointless articles like this makes me wonder what clients think of a profession whose trade publications focus on little beyond how well lawyers are doing by screwing said clients with ever-more preposterous hourly rates. I ask you - £180/hour for an NQ? The level of indiscriminate greed and money-grubbing on display here staggers me.

    What makes it worse still is that even these figures are not based on comparing like with like; so what if you have massive partner profits if only a third of your 'partners' actually get a share?

    That doesn't make proper partnerships any the less well run because the headline figure isn't so tempting to drooling, starry-eyed legal journalists.

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  • Drooling hacks

    A great man once wrote about journalism that it's "a low trade and a habit worse than heroin, a strange seedy world full of misfits and drunkards and failures."

    But I haven't seen many Lawyer journos drooling!

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  • No, you need perspective.

    They may still turn a profit (and if you've got a problem with that you should be reading Socialist Worker) but it's been a tough year for Macfarlanes BY THEIR STANDARDS!!!

    Yes, they have very high standards. What's wrong with that?

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