A&O most successful among law firm Twitterati

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  • To paraphrase Michael Winner “calm down people, it’s only an IDEA of quality”.

    To all those posting comments about A&O’s account being rated highest, especially the cowardly anonymous ones, here are a few aspects you seem to have overlooked by not reading the report properly.

    Firstly, we employed the widely used Hubspot Twitter Grader tool, so it is not our methodology. If you have an issue with the criteria used, complain to them.

    Secondly, the introduction to that section (page 10) states that Twitter Grader was used to give an IDEA, I repeat an IDEA, of account quality. So this result should not be taken as definitive.

    Thirdly, if you actually read the report you will see that I flagged up the discrepancy relating to Norton Rose, their lack of Tweets and their high score.

    Fourthly, the report only looks at Twitter use among the top 50 UK law firms. So yes there could well be smaller firms out there with better Twitter accounts than A&O, but the whole point of the report, as stated many times, was to give an overview of Twitter use among the top 50…

    I will be elaborating on this further later today. Watch this space

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  • Thanks for the details, Intendence. But you still miss the point of Twitter. If I were to use third-parties' methodologies to help me put together a table or even just to give me an "idea" about something and the result is that NR appears, I'd use another methodology or develop my own. Taken outside of the statistical point here, the fact is that NR's Twitter account is not effective and nor is it working for the firm.

    Do a real overview of the Top 50 firms' usage and ask them why they daren't use Twitter.

    To all those who say rather immaturely that Twitter is for "twits", it's actually an excellent way of keeping on top of what's happening in the various legal and industry sectors. You can follow conversations on your practice area or industry sector. What better way to serve clients by keeping tabs on their business area and the relevant laws? And the demographic of Twitter user is largely professional, middle class and aged 30 to 55.

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  • I am left with the impression that there is some favouritism here, not least that the list is made up of our Magic Circle friends. There are many small firms, my own most definately one of them which have an extremely active Twitter presence and a 97% follower to followback ratio who were completely overlooked. Giving the cup to A&O and comprising a list of the magic circle firms gives a very clear message to the rest of the profession!

    Twitter is not just about telling the world how wonderful YOU are. It is about interaction. Have these firms ever interacted with the Twitter community?

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  • I worry about using Hubspot's twitter grader account within the methodology. In my experience it seems to be heavily weighed towards absolute follower numbers. (Which explains why Norton Rose was able to get into the top ten without tweeting). anyone can 'buy' or automate sufficiently to gain followers rapidly.
    Klout is a far better tool to use to measure twitter influence and gives a bit measure of effectiveness of a twitter account.

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  • To Kevin Wheeler, Wheeler Associates

    Twitter may well be for twits! So what?

    Arguably, web sites and, even, telephones were for twits once; but that doesn't mean that they remained so.

    Of course, television always has been for twits, but it didn't stop it becoming an important communication channel.

    Nevertheless, this survey remains devoid of meaning!

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