A&O most successful among law firm Twitterati

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  • Even I've got a Klout score of 47!! Which outdoes the pathetic 30 of A&O by some margin. And yes, with over 3000 tweets and 1000+ followers resulting in an extensive network of potential clients and contacts, Twitter can work. If you engage and take the trouble. And thanks Jonathan for mentioning my humble firm too!!

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  • Sorry, I should have added some humour and self-deprecation to my shamelss self promoting post above.

    Jennie - I will pass some pensions work to you one day!

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  • Agree with Jonathan Lea. Joke in the methodology used.
    "Did Norton Rose pay to get included in this survey or something? How on earth did they manage to come out over Olswang and the rest?"

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  • The formula that intendance seems to be pretty full-proof. I think Norton's high position must just be because it ticked all the boxes EXCEPT number of posts? I don't know.

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  • I fail to see what value major commercial law firms can derive from Twitter (and to be honest other social media). In this context, the survey is irrelevant and, anyhow, would appear flawed if you can get in the Top 10 without having posted any tweets! Lawyers win new business by building relationships with decision-makers face-to-face, not in cyberspace. Twitter is for twits!

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  • Airheads and narcissists one and all.

    Meanwhile, back in the world of grown-ups ...

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  • Sorry to spoil a good story and disappointed not to be confirming a negative but a quick google of "Norton Rose Twitter" rather surprisingly disclosed three different twitter accounts including this rather interesting one from their Climate Group:


    Perhaps it was this rather fresh approach to twitter that won them recognition.

    Are surveys done of journalists?

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  • There are thousands of us out there.IT CAN NOT BE ACCURATE.

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  • To paraphrase Michael Winner "calm down people, it's only an IDEA of quality".

    To all those posting comments about A&O's account being rated highest, especially the cowardly anonymous ones, here are a few aspects you seem to have overlooked by not reading the report properly.

    Firstly, we used the Hubspot Twitter Grader tool, so it is NOT our methodology. If you have an issue with the criteria used, why not complain to them.

    Secondly, the intoduction to that section (page 10) states that Twitter Grader was used to give an IDEA, I repeat an IDEA, of account quality. So this result should not be taken as definitive.

    Thirdly, if you actually read the report you will see that I flagged up the discrepancy relating to Norton Rose, their lack of Tweets and their high score.

    Fourthly, the report only looks at Twitter use among the top 50 UK law firms. So yes there could well be smaller firms out there with better Twitter accounts than A&O, but the whole point of the report, as stated many times, was to give an overview of Twitter use among the top 50 only...we had to draw the line somewhere.

    Hope that clears some issues up.

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  • Having read this article I am absolutely amazed that interdance could produce such drivel. And also that the lawyer decided to publish such drivel.

    Having had a look at the Allen & Overy twitter stream they seem to do very nicely in tweeting out press releases and articles. There is no engagement... what so ever. They may have 2810 followers, but Norton Rose Group (main account) which has never tweeted has managed to acquire 457 followers. So, not really that impressive, at all.

    Did Interdance fail to actually look at the lawyers who are using Twitter well? I suspect not...They may not be large magic circle firms like A&O, but @london_law_firm & @brianinkster could teach the top ten firms on twitter a large amount how to create a buzz and conversation to enable you to punch significantly above their weight. (and gain business from this conversation)

    What worries me is that we have a supposed reputable digital agency churning out poor quality research. They are advising their clients about social media... I pity their clients.

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