Slater & Gordon sets Pannone integration deadline

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  • You have to look at this as a fantastic opportunity for the firms that have been taken over, the process focused S&G will be able to squeeze fee income out of the shrinking PI work.

    It is sad about any redundancies at Pannone but at least the general professional services market is in better shape than a few years ago and I am sure any staff leaving will find work.

    The staff left will benefit from working for a great Australian institution who as someone living here in Oz know that they a 'house hold name'.


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  • I look at Slater's and can see a company that is managed by people with vision and can see why they aren't taking all form Pannone, no doubt those not going to S&G or Pannone Corporate (crazy name, no corporate team!) will end up in the Pannone graveyards, Darbys or Mills & Reeve.

    You know the saying those that can do those that can't end up at Darbys or Mills & Reeve!

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  • I guess Ian Brown must be in the Pannone business going to S&G.

    From what I am hearing on the grapevine, those not going to S&G or Pannone Corporate are moving to firms like Mills & Reeve, Shoosmiths, Addleshaws, Hill Dicks, Gateley and other decent firms (and I have not heard a dickie about anyone going to Darbys). These are hardly 'graveyard' firms, with most in, or closer to, the Top 50 than Pannone ever was, even with the PI business, and far more brand and profile.

    Seems to me that the S&G deal has been driven by management. I suspect an awful lot of the people involved in that deal had little real choice.

    Think it is fairer to say that those who cant (ie not going to S&G or Pannone Corporate) look like they are going to decent firms. Be interesting to see if "Pannone Corporate" is as mis-named as Ian Brown suggests.

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  • Anonymous 06:05.

    No Ian Brown isn't, he left the law a long time.

    Sorry to rattle your cage, you are right some of the brighter young folk have managed to get some really great jobs at Balls & Ache, Snoozesmith, Addlesnores, Hill **icks, Slowly and other 'decent' firms. I guess you were left with no chair when the music stopped? Sure you will be happy at one of the above.

    You are right the B2C work carried the B2B side of Pannone for a long time, and they are a much better match with S&G.

    Time will tell what happens to Pannone Corporate, about 18 months worth of time.

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  • Ian Brown,

    I am not sure what chair I missed out on once the music stopped.

    I am not at Pannone, but I did work on deals opposite their corporate people whilst in private practice, and we have subsequently used them (whilst in-house). They are good people and have some talented lawyers amongst them.

    Good luck to them in finding their new homes. From what I hear, they are joining some decent firms whatever your views of them.

    The B2C side may well have carried the B2B side at Pannone for a long time. From what I hear, that is not the case. I also hear that management struggled to run any of it well. Perhaps that is what S&G see as the real opportunity.

    We can certainly agree about Pannone Corporate. 18 months sounds about right.

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