Firm leaders evenly split over ABS issue

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  • The ABS/Tescolaw issu should be reconsidered with the following items on the agenda:-

    1. Post-banking crisis context.

    2. Rule of law.

    3. English legal system as a pillar of the British claim to be a leader in western civilisation.

    4. Social and economic impact of the down grading of lawyers and law firm staff in terms of pay and conditions.

    5. Modern human nature.

    6. Ideal character profiles of lawyers and all staff who work in law firms.

    7. Character profiles and winning ways of successful business people who may buy shares in law firms.

    8. 20:20

    9. Ratio of men to women at all the levels of a law firm before ABSs and the anticipated change after ABSs.

    10. Conflict of interest.

    11. Constitutional role of the legal profession.

    12. Lessons of the Home Information Pack fiasco.

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