How The Sun is helping shape the Jackson era

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  • It's good to see a judge taking a common sense approach to costs for once.

    How on earth can a relatively straightforward case like this cost anything like even £500k to run? What planet are these lawyers living on? Even if (which I very much doubt) a rate of £500 per hour was claimed how can you possibly run up 1,000 hours on such a claim? Or more specifically how can you justifiably run up 1,000 hours?

    When one considers the sort of costs that are payable in cases where someone's been crippled for life and has to be confined to a wheelchair a bill like this for basically protecting someone's public image is nothing short of obscene.

    There needs to be a cap on costs for all libel claims - I would think £25k would be more than adequate, and this would also help to prevent `costs terrorism' - the threat of a costs bill of £500k would be enough to terrify anyone but the largest companies into settling irrespective of the merits of the case.

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