Richard Fox

Fees: the Government’s ET reform programme's Achilles’ heel?


It often does not take much to undo a lot of good work, and over Employment Tribunal (ET) fees, the Government is in danger of doing just that.

Robert Lewis

Alibaba IPO shows why lawyers matter


Following the record-setting IPO of Alibaba, Jack Ma is now a global business icon.

Cat Griffiths index

Freshfields scores a US touchdown

29-Sep-2014 | By Catrin Griffiths

The self-belief of Freshfields managing partner and corporate head is remarkable.

Stephen Ross

Tesco - Why City analysts and journalists need to learn to speak our language


The revelation by Tesco that it had overstated its trading profits by £250m wiped £2bn off its market value in one day.

Cat Griffiths index

Akin means business in the City


Like a python after swallowing an antelope, Akin Gump London may want to rest a while.

Louisa Knox

Shepherd and Wedderburn: now the referendum votes are in, we need some joined-up thinking on tax


The Scottish electorate has voted ‘no’ to independence. However, the ‘no’ vote certainly doesn’t mean no constitutional change for Scotland, not least because of the UK government’s (and the Labour Party’s) pledge to further devolve power to Scotland.

christine oneill brodies

Brodies: achieving rapid consensus on wider UK constitutional reform is 'optimistic'


At 6.10am this morning, when the Kingdom of Fife declared its result in the Scottish independence referendum and made a Yes win mathematically impossible, the debate on British constitutional reform was silenced

Rodney Philip  Burness  150

Burness Paull: Time to move forward with confidence

19-Sep-2014 | Updated: 23-Sep-2014

After a lengthy debate, the people of Scotland have voted to remain in the United Kingdom.