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Africa has arrived – the signs are in private equity


Much of the existing analysis of Africa as a legal market has centred on infrastructure projects and natural resources.

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Solving the outsourcing dilemma: when to opt for contract lawyers and when to call Big Law

30-Mar-2015 | By Tim Bratton

The specific issues that in-house legal counsel face mean their choice of outsourcer is not a straightforward matter of cost.

Paul Lippe

Has The Change Happened Yet?


UK firms might lead those in the US when it comes to change, but it’s coming to everyone, like it or not.

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Invest in operations professionals

23-Mar-2015 | By Catrin Griffiths

Prophets of change in the legal industry seem doomed to disappointment. Over the past two decades law firms have not torn up their structures; rather, change has been cultural

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The machines are coming for your job

23-Mar-2015 | By David Halliwell

The commoditisation of artificial intelligence means many areas of the lawyer’s trade are at risk – including the ‘creative’ element.

Eleni Polycarpou

Court fee hike will drive increase in arbitration


Higher fees are likely to drive litigants away from the court and into alternative means of resolving disputes.

Alex Jupp Alex Jupp

Budget overview: one for the voters


Disentangling meaningful tax policy changes from the rhetoric of a pre-election Budget is a mercifully infrequent pastime, says Skadden tax counsel Alex Jupp.

Mugni Islam-Choudhury

​The Jeremy Clarkson conundrum: violence at work


Jeremy Clarkson’s ‘fracas’ in a row over food does not necessarily point to automatic dismissal.