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  • Declarations: I'm not at the criminal bar, nor am I Oxbridge or Russell, in the terms set out above I'm a double shrugger, and I don't care about money (most of my work is pro bono but I'm not a damn do-gooder: the difference between a pro bono client and a paying client is that the one is a toerag that takes you for granted, the other is just a toerag).

    That said, I'm curious: given that we're returning to the days when only the independently wealthy can afford to go to the criminal bar anyway, isn't it actually a good thing that "those from lower income backgrounds are being discouraged from joining up"? They're obviously making the smart choice, why criticise them or the system for that? Instead, praise the wealthy. Encourage them to be stupid. Anyway we can spend our time uttering Bar Council platitudes du jour as pseudo-politicians, or get out there and stick our fingers in the dike of futility like Real Advocates...

    (disclaimer: no of course I don't believe 100% of the above: but the precise percentage is way too high for comfort)

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