UK Supreme Court

How far do you carry the can?

21-Apr-2014 | By Kate Beioley

Supreme Court ruling may have serious liability implications for lawyers


The trophy lawyers

21-Apr-2014 | By Natalie Stanton

Why well-connected PE partners are worth their weight in gold


Pressure points

14-Apr-2014 | By Becky Waller-Davies

Bar Barometer fails to define the diversity battleground


Radical new perspective for HFW

14-Apr-2014 | By Yun Kriegler

Commitment to Asia as senior partner relocates to Singapore on a permanent basis

Hong Kong

Asia’s lucky generation

14-Apr-2014 | By Yun Kriegler

Top law firms are promoting more partners in Asia Pacific


Wright Hassall is no outlier

14-Apr-2014 | By Matt Byrne

Firm points out a close reading of its accounts shows a healthy debt position


Drive time at Simmons

7-Apr-2014 | By Becky Waller-Davies

Firm aims to shed second-tier stereotype by targeting ambitious trainees


FFW boss: ‘Look at us in six months’ time’

7-Apr-2014 | By Natalie Stanton

How Michael Chissick plans to put the spark back into idling Field Fisher Waterhouse


Red giant

31-Mar-2014 | By Yun Kriegler

If merger goes ahead, this Chinese superfirm will be a global game-changer

DWF Manchester

DWF’s ever-changing moods

31-Mar-2014 | By Richard Simmons

Now it is a bigshot firm, the nature of DWF’s trainees has to change 


After the Addleshaws blunderstorm

24-Mar-2014 | By Hannah Gannagé-Stewart

Undermined by leadership slip-ups, is it time firm looked outside for fresh blood?


A slow and steady revolution

24-Mar-2014 | By Natalie Stanton

Slaughters is quietly reshaping its partnership for a post-crunch, Asia-centric era


Follow the yellow-brick M1

17-Mar-2014 | By Matt Byrne

BLP joins Northern trek, with plans to open a Manchester outsourcing hub

Market Analysis


All for one

21-Apr-2014 | By Katy Dowell

Supreme Court president Lord Neuberger’s focus on collegiate working is resulting in fewer dissenting opinions on the bench


Switzerland: You can dodge, but you can’t hide

21-Apr-2014 | By Jonathan Ames

As Swiss banks wait for the US authorities’ tax evasion spotlight to fall on them, law firms are drafting in extra staff to cope

Turkey Briefing Live: Plane speaking

21-Apr-2014 | By Jonathan Ames

The IMF has slashed its 2014 growth forecast for Turkey from 3.5 to 2.3 per cent. Investors are now hoping the aviation and energy markets will provide some comfort


The trophy lawyers

21-Apr-2014 | By Natalie Stanton

Why well-connected PE partners are worth their weight in gold


Students should not have to fill the justice gap

17-Apr-2014 | By Becky Waller-Davies

Cuts to Legal Aid have seen student projects bridge the gap between the most vulnerable and justice.

wedding cake

Happy ever after? Morgan Cole and Blake Lapthorn get hitched

16-Apr-2014 | By Kate Beioley

Morgan Cole and Blake Lapthorn have finally decided that three’s a crowd and, after months of flirting with Boyes Turner, gone ahead with a traditional two-way merger.

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Job Watch


Job watch: Transport

2-Dec-2013 | By Kate Beioley

Transport is a sector that offers a wealth of opportunities both for legal roles and puns, with government cash setting in train high-profile schemes and getting projects motoring.


Job watch - Projects

25-Nov-2013 | By Kate Beioley

Of all the transactional sectors projects and energy has been one of the most resilient throughout the recession. 


Job Watch: Immigration


Few topics get tabloid blood racing like immigration, but are heart rates running quite so high among lawyers practising in this area? 

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