Canada: Farm horizons

13-Jan-2014 | By Burhan Khadbai

The food and agribusiness industry is booming, with farmland investments offering alternatives to work in the stalled commodities sector


Canada: Braking news

5-Aug-2013 | By Christian Metcalfe

Canada’s legal market continues to consolidate as the stalling global commodities supercycle slows work


Due South

14-Jan-2013 | Updated: 1-Feb-2013 | By Lucy Burton

A resource-rich home territory remains the focus for Canadian firms but growing client globalisation is pulling them to Latin America and Africa


Before the stampede

30-Jul-2012 | By Lucy Burton

Law firms are not yet piling in to soaraway Canada, but it’s only a matter of time

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Oil together now

9 January 2012 | By Joanne Harris

Norton Rose’s mergers with firms in resource-rich Canada have really shaken up the local legal market. Joanne Harris reports

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Why Allen & Overy (sort of) changed its mind on Canada

17-Jun-2014 | By Lucy Burton

Allen & Overy (A&O) put a Canada launch on the back burner in 2011, choosing instead to focus on Australia. A&O’s future Toronto head reveals what was behind the change of heart.

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A&O steps into Canada as Casablanca founding partner heads home

9-Jun-2014 | By Lucy Burton

Allen & Overy (A&O) is to open a small base in Toronto after the Canadian-qualified founding partner of its Casablanca office returns to Canada.

toronto canada

PwC acquires Canadian immigration firm

3-Mar-2014 | By Hannah Gannagé-Stewart

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has acquired Toronto-based immigration law firm Bomza Law Group.

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Canada Briefings

The Data Protection Act: a stone to sling at the Facebook Goliath? download subscription

Collyer Bristow 23-Jul-2014

The recently reported and much criticised Facebook survey deliberately manipulated almost 700,000 account-holder newsfeeds and monitored the results.

Health Alert — Ladhams v Medical Board of Australia; Chaudhry v Medical Board of Australia; and more download subscription

DLA Piper 23-Jul-2014

DLA Piper has released the 21 July 2014 issue of its Health Alert, which focuses on judgments, legislation and reports in the health sector.

Significant changes proposed to Ontario’s workplace laws download subscription

Dentons 22-Jul-2014

Ontario’s government introduced workplace legislation on 16 July 2014 that would affect five labour and employment statutes in the province.

Saskatchewan introduces ticketing system for certain workplace safety violations download subscription

Dentons 18-Jul-2014

As of 1 July 2014, Saskatchewan employers who violate certain occupational health and safety laws may be issued a summary offence ticket.

Communications with experts: Moore v Getahun and the Advocates’ Society Report download subscription

Dentons 18-Jul-2014

In Moore v Getahun, the plaintiff suffered a wrist injury in a motorcycle accident and claimed medical negligence against the treating doctor.

SCC confirms Ontario’s ability to ‘take up’ lands under Treaty 3 download subscription

Dentons 17-Jul-2014

On 11 July 2014, the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) released its decision in Grassy Narrows First Nation v Ontario (Natural Resources).

Reprimands for ‘violation of basic safety protocols’ were not discriminatory download subscription

Dentons 16-Jul-2014

An employee has failed in his bid to persuade the Human Rights Tribunal that safety-related discipline against him was discriminatory under the Human Rights Code.

Yet another reminder on the importance of careful drafting of termination clauses… download subscription

Dentons 16-Jul-2014

As if employers needed one, we now have yet another decision invalidating a termination provision for failure to comply with the Employment Standards Act 2000.

Health Alert — Angelos v Minister for Health; Wilson v Western Health; Brunswick Family Dental Pty Ltd v Dr Enegd; and more download subscription

DLA Piper 16-Jul-2014

DLA Piper has released the 14 July 2014 issue of its Health Alert, which focuses on judgments, legislation and reports in the health sector.

The Financial Report — Canadian securities regulators propose gender diversity amendments; and more download subscription

DLA Piper 14-Jul-2014

DLA Piper has released the latest version (Volume 3, No.13) of The Financial Report, featuring news and analysis from across the financial sector.

CRA: tax treatment of Ponzi scheme investments download subscription

Dentons 14-Jul-2014

The CRA has provided some guidance on how it will administer the Income Tax Act (Canada) in respect of the income and losses arising from Ponzi schemes.

Ontario’s New Human Rights Policy download subscription

Dentons 10-Jul-2014

In June, the Ontario Human Rights Commission released a new policy entitled ‘The Policy on Preventing Discrimination Based on Mental Health Disabilities and Addictions’.

Health Quest: appeal allowed where Crown failed to properly plead assumptions download subscription

Dentons 10-Jul-2014

What is the result of the Crown’s failure to properly plead its assumptions in the reply? This issue was considered by the Tax Court in Health Quest v The Queen.

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