Special report: Canada – The long trail

4-Aug-2014 | By Lucy Burton

A&O is the first magic circle firm to tiptoe into Canada but despite the strong economy, there is good reason why local players are not expecting a stampede 


Canada: Farm horizons

13-Jan-2014 | By Burhan Khadbai

The food and agribusiness industry is booming, with farmland investments offering alternatives to work in the stalled commodities sector


Canada: Braking news

5-Aug-2013 | By Christian Metcalfe

Canada’s legal market continues to consolidate as the stalling global commodities supercycle slows work


Due South

14-Jan-2013 | Updated: 1-Feb-2013 | By Lucy Burton

A resource-rich home territory remains the focus for Canadian firms but growing client globalisation is pulling them to Latin America and Africa


Before the stampede

30-Jul-2012 | By Lucy Burton

Law firms are not yet piling in to soaraway Canada, but it’s only a matter of time

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Investor giant Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan appoints Davis as new general counsel

1-Aug-2014 | By Natalie Stanton

The Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan has appointed Jeff Davis as its general counsel, corporate secretary and senior vice-president of corporate affairs.


Why Allen & Overy (sort of) changed its mind on Canada

17-Jun-2014 | By Lucy Burton

Allen & Overy (A&O) put a Canada launch on the back burner in 2011, choosing instead to focus on Australia. A&O’s future Toronto head reveals what was behind the change of heart.

toronto canada

A&O steps into Canada as Casablanca founding partner heads home

9-Jun-2014 | By Lucy Burton

Allen & Overy (A&O) is to open a small base in Toronto after the Canadian-qualified founding partner of its Casablanca office returns to Canada.

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Canada Briefings

Employer asks HRTO for permission to access employer’s own ‘Occupational Health and Claims Management’ file on employee download subscription

Dentons 22-Aug-2014

Must an employer obtain permission from the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario to access medical records on an employee who filed a human rights complaint?

Twenty-day jail sentence for employee who released employer’s confidential information in breach of court order download subscription

Dentons 20-Aug-2014

A former employee received a 20-day jail sentence after she disclosed the plaintiffs’ confidential business methods and disparaged their business reputation.

MoL permits employer to have multi-workplace joint health and safety committee, union’s challenge dismissed download subscription

Dentons 20-Aug-2014

A union has lost a request to suspend an MoL director’s order allowing a school board to establish a multi-workplace joint health and safety committee.

Top 10 tips for the workplace download subscription

Dentons 18-Aug-2014

Ensuring compliance with Dentons’ top 10 tips list will help to keep your workplace running smoothly.

MoL inspector’s grievance gives glimpse into MoL’s after-hours accident response process download subscription

Dentons 15-Aug-2014

MoL managers have discretion as to whether to send out an inspector when an employer calls after-hours about a workplace accident, a recent decision suggests.

Insensitive — copyright implications of Jann Arden’s stand download subscription

Dentons 15-Aug-2014

Twitter began to light up on 7 August 2014 when Canadian singer/songwriter Jann Arden began to object, via a series of tweets, to the practice of Calgary radio station 90.3 AMP of playing shortened versions of songs.

Court limits plaintiff’s ability to access corporate documents in securities class action download subscription

Dentons 14-Aug-2014

A former shareholder of a defendant mining company sought to bring a class action against the company and two senior executives for alleged misrepresentations.

Alleging panic attacks due to mistreatment at work, employee’s HRTO application dismissed for duplicating court action download subscription

Dentons 14-Aug-2014

Employees may not raise the same human rights issue before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario and the courts, a recent HRTO decision confirms.

Court of Appeal clarifies directors’ fiduciary duties and the business judgment rule for executive compensation matters download subscription

Dentons 12-Aug-2014

The nature of directors’ and officers’ fiduciary duties has been confimed, and the application of the business judgment rule in the context of a dispute regarding executive compensation clarified.

Health Alert — guardianship and administration application in the matter of MDC; Kowal v O’Day & Ors; and more download subscription

DLA Piper 12-Aug-2014

DLA Piper has released the 11 August 2014 issue of its Health Alert, which focuses on judgments, legislation and reports in the health sector.

Notes taken post-accident can lose privilege if used to refresh memory, court decision suggests download subscription

Dentons 8-Aug-2014

Privileged notes taken by a witness after a workplace accident may cease to be privileged if used by the witness to prepare to testify in court.

‘Red flags’ were used to assess workplace violence threat; employer’s request for psychiatric assessment was justified download subscription

Dentons 7-Aug-2014

The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario has ruled that the City of Toronto was justified in requiring an employee to obtain a psychiatric assessment because of ‘red flags’.

Health Alert — call for evidence on the health effects of water fluoridation; Vega Vega v Medical Board of Australia; and more download subscription

DLA Piper 6-Aug-2014

DLA Piper has released the 4 August 2014 issue of its Health Alert, which focuses on judgments, legislation and reports in the health sector.

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