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UK 200: Diversity Audit 2015 download

The Lawyer 16-Nov-2015

The Diversity Report, a follow-up to our 2010 report, ranks the UK 200 firms by the proportion of females in their partnerships and the top 100 by the proportion of female equity partners and highlights five-year trends. We also look at how firms are faring across all the other key diversity strands: sexual orientation, ethnicity, social mobility and disability.

UK 200: The Top 100 Report 2015 download

The Lawyer 29-Oct-2015

The Lawyer UK 200: The Top 100 is the primary analysis in this year’s six-report UK 200 series. It includes the ranking of the top 100-largest firms in the UK by revenue and a wealth of data and benchmarking metrics.

UK 200: The Independents Report 2015 download

The Lawyer 18-Oct-2015 | Updated: 29-Oct-2015

The UK 200: the Independents charts every single one of the 100 firms in the lower half of this year’s top 200, detailing the financial performance of each firm across the UK’s regional hotspots, tracking the firms on a range of key metrics and, where possible, highlighting the strategic moves they are making in an effort to compete in one of the world’s most ferocious markets.More than a decade ago The Lawyer published the Rising 50, a magazine that extended the coverage ...

UK 200: Real Estate download

The Lawyer 5-Oct-2015

The UK 200 Real Estate report analyses the key trends in terms of leading firms’ use of property. As a starting point the report will analyse the total cost of a firm’s real estate including rent, rates and service charge and the total amount of square footage they control.

China Elite Report 2015 download

The Lawyer 28-Sep-2015 | Updated: 29-Oct-2015

Overseas expansion and global alliances aside, this year’s China Elite report puts equal emphasis on the internal transformation and evolution some of the top-tier firms are currently undergoing. It will discuss how the leadership teams plan to improve firm governance, management and financial integration, which are of paramount importance for the next critical decade of China’s nascent legal profession.

The European 100 Report 2015 download

The Lawyer 25-Apr-2015 | Updated: 29-Oct-2015

The European 100, now in its sixth year, ranks the largest 100 independent European firms by revenue and the 30 biggest international firms by their European headcount. We look at metrics such as leverage, female partnership proportion, and track the growth of the European 100 across the time period for which we have data. 

Asia-Pacific 150 download

The Lawyer 5-Oct-2015

The Asia-Pacific 150, now in its third year, ranks the largest 100 locally-headquartered independent and 50 largest international firms by their regional headcount and looks at trends in the legal markets in key jurisdictions.

In-House Attitudes Survey download

The Lawyer 5-Oct-2015

The Lawyer In-house Attitudes Report, in association with Thomson Reuters, is the only comprehensive study of how the in-house legal function has adapted and evolved over time, providing you with key insight into how in-house counsel view the challenges and opportunities they face. For any law firm seeking to better-understand the current thinking and challenges for their clients, or for in-house lawyers wanting to compare their views with their peers, this report is essential reading.

The Lawyer & Employee Benefits: Workplace Benefits & Wellbeing download

The Lawyer 5-Oct-2015

This report features the output of two separate research projects; one of the largest salary surveys ever conducted among legal professionals and a more focused study with HR departments looking at benefits and wellbeing strategies.

The Lawyer International Top 30 Firms in London download

The Lawyer 5-Oct-2015

This 80 page report explores how to launch, grow and succeed in London. Which firms have launched recently, which have grown rapidly since launching and which have been most successful in building a business in the UK? What are the key management issues at each stage of a firm’s growth, including operational issues as well as recruitment/strategic?

ASEAN Elite download

The Lawyer 5-Oct-2015

The Lawyer’s Southeast Asia Elite report contains the most detailed research available on the local firms that are leading the way in the 10 Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region.

Africa Elite download

The Lawyer 5-Oct-2015

The Lawyer’s Africa Elite report contains the most detailed research available on the local firms that are leading the way in Africa.

Business Leadership Guide download

The Lawyer 5-Oct-2015

This year’s Business Leadership Guide is a ‘must-have’ for any provider that wants to know what its clients are really thinking when it comes to selling legal services.

Doing business in the Arab world download

The Lawyer 5-Oct-2015

Our new and exclusive report provides key insight into MENA’s legal market from those who have first-hand experience in the region, including both international and domestic law firms and in-house counsel.

Global Litigation Top 50 download

The Lawyer 5-Oct-2015

The Lawyer’s exclusive annual Global Litigation Top 50 report covers the world’s leading firms by litigation revenue with a particular focus on the key centres for disputes.

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