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AsiaPac 150

Asia Pacific 150 2014: Year of the indie

30-Jun-2014 | By Yun Kriegler

After the first flush of enthusiasm, international firms are reassessing their position in Asia Pacific, while the locals go for growth 

japan city

Japan: outward and upward


With the 2020 Olympics in the bag and record-breaking outbound investment, the legal market has put in a strong performance for 2014 so far

india city

India: Modi operandi

30-Jun-2014 | By Margaret Taylor

Political chaos has deterred foreign investors, but lawyers hope new prime minister Narendra Modi can create a more business-friendly environment

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The Lawyer Management Guide 2014


Finance: Fixed Ideas


Finance teams are transforming firms’ pricing models while remaining profitable, as budgets remain firmly on the client agenda

Business Development & marketing

Business development & marketing: Divide and rule


Marketing and BD teams need to sell lower-cost or disaggregated legal services to clients – both external and internal

Human Resources & talent management

HR & talent management: Bending the rules


Recruiting, managing and incentivising a flexible workforce may be challenging, but both the firm and the individual benefit

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European 100 2014

Euro 100

The European 100 2014: Seeds of change

12-May-2014 | By Joanne Harris

It’s been a hard slog, but European firms are finally growing, with combined turnover up by €200m to hit €8.2bn in 2013


The European 100 2014: Global calling


For the first time, The European 100 takes a look at the international firms operating in Europe

Euro 100

The European 100 2014, firms 1-5


INDEX Garrigues Fidal Loyens & Loeff Cuatrecasas Gonçalves Pereira Hengeler Mueller

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Cyber Security 2013


Cyber security: Lawyers are the weakest link

28-Oct-2013 | By Jonathan Ames

With threats ranging from hacktivists to Chinese spies, it’s time for law firms to get their data security act together


Cyber security: A warning from the watchdog

28-Oct-2013 | By Jonathan Ames

Lawyers are among the most vulnerable to information breaches, according to the Information Commissioner’s Office

cyber security

Cyber security: In search of cyber confidence


Work with cyber threats rather than being paralysed by them, says CSC’s Sam Visner

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Overview: The business case

31-Mar-2014 | By Joanne Harris

A dynamic new generation of sub-Saharan lawyers is helping to guide the continent towards economic expansion


South Africa: Down and clout

31-Mar-2014 | By Margaret Taylor, Joanne Harris

South Africa’s status as the biggest and most developed legal market in the continent means it is still the destination of choice for foreign tie-ups


Southern Africa: Neighbourhood watch

31-Mar-2014 | By Joanne Harris

Often overshadowed by their bigger and more affluent neighbour South Africa, the southern states of the continent are starting to show their mettle

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Futurology 2013

Cat Griffiths index

The year the future arrived

16-Dec-2013 | By Catrin Griffiths

In September this year The Lawyer devoted an entire issue to futurology. What would the legal profession look like in 2020? We made specific predictions around UK market consolidation and law firm collapses, a radical change in resourcing structures and growing demands from in-house lawyers.


Back to the future: Looking back to 2008 video


How did leading figures see the market of 2013 emerging?


2018: ABSs to dominate insurance sector video


Within a decade there will be three global insurance firms dominating  the sector

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