City Gherkin

45 years and counting: Will Fried Frank's City bet finally pay off?

6-Mar-2015 | By Natalie Stanton

Fried Frank launched in London in 1970. But the hire of Kirkland & Ellis UK head Graham White is a more recent statement of intent. Here’s why.


"It takes time to convince people to leave their comfort zone": Jim Learner talks Kirkland's big name hires

27-Feb-2015 | By Natalie Stanton

When Kirkland & Ellis’ London head Graham White quit the firm last October to join Fried Frank Harris Shriver & Jacobson, there were a few names in the frame to succeed him.


Paul Hastings’ London chair: “We have been careful not to be everything for everyone”

20-Feb-2015 | By Natasha Bernal

Paul Hastings might not have yet really jumped on the recruitment carousel which its US rivals are riding in the UK, but its London chair Ronan O’Sullivan thinks the firm is well-placed in the market.


Shepherd & Wedderburn's Stephen Gibb on post-Tods Murray optimism

13-Feb-2015 | By Margaret Taylor

It’s been a difficult few years for Shepherd & Wedderburn, what with turnover stagnating and the ‘Scottish big four’ group it formed a nominal part of disintegrating when Dundas & Wilson and McGrigors were taken out by merger.

Clements home

Locke Lord’s Clements: "We got the team we wanted"

6-Feb-2015 | By Natasha Bernal

The merger between Locke Lord and Edwards Wildman Palmer is less than a month old, but chair Jerry Clements’ term at the top has already stood the test of time. 


Simmons' managing partner Jeremy Hoyland on Bristol, Luxembourg and defying gravity

30-Jan-2015 | By Hannah Gannagé-Stewart

With a new three-year strategy in the offing and several recently launched projects still bedding in, 2015 has the potential to set a new benchmark at Simmons & Simmons.

Halley's Comet

Dentons chair on the Dacheng merger: "Like Halley's Comet and the Holy Grail"

23-Jan-2015 | By Joanne Harris

After the announcement of the merger between Dentons and Chinese firm Dacheng, the two firms’ management speak about the opportunities for the future - and why they believe the tie-up is ground-breaking.

James Burns Clyde & Co

Clyde & Co's James Burns: "I’ve always thought of management as a team sport"

16-Jan-2015 | By Hannah Gannagé-Stewart

It has been just over a year since James Burns took over as senior partner at Clyde & Co, succeeding Michael Payton who stood down to become chairman after 28 years at the helm.

Jami McKeon Morgan Lewis

Morgan Lewis chair Jami McKeon: what really happened with Bingham

9-Jan-2015 | By Natasha Bernal

After months of talks, Morgan Lewis hired 226 partners from Bingham McCutchen late last year. Now chair Jami McKeon opens up about the negotiations and her plans for the future.

Behind the Law


The view from 2B: Why BLP's retention manoeuvres matter

26-Feb-2015 | By Richard Simmons

So Berwin Leighton Paisner has been caught massaging its retention stats. Is it really such a big deal?

Richard Susskind

Global Law Summit: Susskind & Co on the future of the law

26-Feb-2015 | By Matt Byrne

Richard Susskind revealed his view of the future at the Global Law Summit this week. For many, it’s not pretty.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson: Lawyers are amazing. Here’s why

26-Feb-2015 | By Matt Byrne

Boris Johnson put London and the rule of law squarely at the heart of the world’s legal market yesterday in his keynote speech at the Global Law Summit.


Global Law Summit day 3: From human rights to shareholder activism

25-Feb-2015 | By Natalie Stanton

There were an eclectic bunch of hot topics on the agenda on the closing day of the Global Law Summit, ranging from human rights to bribery and shareholder activism. 

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Market Analysis

real estate

Rental arithmetic: how the UK's top firms are managing their property

2-Mar-2015 | By Hannah Gannagé-Stewart

Despite a growing momentum in favour of alternative and ‘agile’ working models, many firms are still struggling to find a way to fit their working practices around reducing their property costs.


Data security: How to respond to clients’ ‘more assertive’ demands


Clients are getting more demanding about how their legal advisers manage data, meaning that law firms are having to give serious consideration to data security.

Goal posts

Competition: what lawyers really think about changes to the UK's regulatory regime

2-Mar-2015 | By Natalie Stanton

UK competition lawyers have a new regulator and new rules to follow when handling mergers. Is it ‘business as usual’ as the old OFT and CC promised?

 Power station

The Offshore Top 30 2015: The rankings

23-Feb-2015 | By Joanne Harris

The big five remain and Jersey still dominates, but the arrival of Viberts makes waves in BVI.

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