Richard Susskind

Susskind: Law firms should borrow from the auditors and diversify

23-Feb-2015 | By Richard Susskind

The accountants’ reaction to the volatile market of the 1980s is a valuable exercise in change strategy for today’s legal sector.

charlie geffen big

Firm branding – it might get you in the room but it’s up to you after that

16-Feb-2015 | By Charlie Geffen

Pinning down elusive firm differentiation may soon be easier thanks to market forces, but will it actually deliver what we want?

Nigel Knowles

Empower the North to galvanise growth

9-Feb-2015 | By Sir Nigel Knowles

Northern cities will need more than token devolved power to become an economic powerhouse

David Morley

Nothing is mightier than the rule of law

2-Feb-2015 | By David Morley

The rule of law goes further than ensuring justice and guarding liberty: it is a social and economic transformer.

David Isaac

After the easy fixes, what next for diversity?

26-Jan-2015 | By David Isaac

Law is in the vanguard of change when it comes to promoting diversity in the workplace, but much remains to be done in the office and beyond.

Tim Bratton

New year is a time for small steps rather than giant leaps


The key to new year’s resolutions is to rein in your ambitions in the first place.


Mark Brandon – Be choosy with clients: only let the right ones in


Let your most awful clients go and bug someone else – they cost you far more than they’re worth.


Philip Rodney: The megafirms shall not inherit the earth


Technological innovations and clients’ collaborative business practices are infiltrating law, giving independent local outfits a boost

Behind the Law

Richard Susskind

Global Law Summit: Susskind & Co on the future of the law

26-Feb-2015 | By Matt Byrne

Richard Susskind revealed his view of the future at the Global Law Summit this week. For many, it’s not pretty.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson: Lawyers are amazing. Here’s why

26-Feb-2015 | By Matt Byrne

Boris Johnson put London and the rule of law squarely at the heart of the world’s legal market yesterday in his keynote speech at the Global Law Summit.


Global Law Summit day 3: From human rights to shareholder activism

25-Feb-2015 | By Natalie Stanton

There were an eclectic bunch of hot topics on the agenda on the closing day of the Global Law Summit, ranging from human rights to bribery and shareholder activism. 

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The Leadership Interview


"It takes time to convince people to leave their comfort zone": Jim Learner talks Kirkland's big name hires

27-Feb-2015 | By Natalie Stanton

When Kirkland & Ellis’ London head Graham White quit the firm last October to join Fried Frank Harris Shriver & Jacobson, there were a few names in the frame to succeed him.


Paul Hastings’ London chair: “We have been careful not to be everything for everyone”

20-Feb-2015 | By Natasha Bernal

Paul Hastings might not have yet really jumped on the recruitment carousel which its US rivals are riding in the UK, but its London chair Ronan O’Sullivan thinks the firm is well-placed in the market.

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