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  • I am a qualified legal practitioner in a common law jurisdiction. i have masters degree in business law from kingston university, surrey with commendation.

    I am finding it difficult to get a job in the legal industry despite my years of experience.

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  • I am a newly qualified solicitor and finding it extremely difficult to say the least to find a newly qualified job, Firms are not even offering me Paralegal jobs in this current recession we are in!!!

    Firm I trained at closed its doors recently due to the recession. Anyone in a similar position??

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  • 2 years PQE and in the same boat as commenter above.
    Thinking about leaving the profession as the rewards for many years of exertion have been nil!

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  • LPC qualified and worked as a case worker. then made redundant, previous firm's principal made verbal promises would offer training contract (i never relied on his words anyway)

    although it is said that law graduates skills and knowledge are valued by employers (non -law) it is far from the truth.

    for example, if you take hr they want somebody who studied few modules of hr and normally they would advertise for a graduate position but minimum 6-12 months experience is essential, so how people like me find a job?

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  • I'm nearly qualified as a patent attorney and wonder if there is an alternative to partnerships and limited companies or in-house; e.g. co-operatives?

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  • The Big 4 accountancy firms love students with LLB degree, mostly for working in tax department. It also pays more than many regional law firms. Law students are also loved by banks and finance companies. They pay more than being a para.

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  • Really felt sorry for all the previous commenters.
    It's been some time when you all posted. Hope you all have got a place somewhere good.

    I believe that all you need is little experience to start with. Don't look for applying into big commercial firms or any top firms unless you have attained 1st class from a top university.

    I did my degree from a local town university with 3rd class. English is not my first language. However, still managed to get 3 years of experience before I have finished my LPC. Did not take any year out, if someone here is thinking that I took some years out after uni before starting LPC. Started LPC straight after degree.

    I got my experience during my degree and still working during my LPC. This could be the reason why I got these grades. But again, even after getting these grades I have managed to get the experience. I work with people who attained A's at Alevels, 1st and 2.1 at uni and distinction at LPC. They do the same work as I do.

    I just feel lucky to be at this position. I can only say to you all not to lose hope. Keep trying. If I can get hands on work experience then any one can.

    Dont go for money at this stage. Get in to a law firm even if you have to make coffee there. Even that would count on your CV.

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  • to the poster 31/08/2012

    i do have 5 years experience in law with LPC and LLB although i am currently employed as a paralegal, i am not happy with the work i do . i want to leave the profession all together and do something else,its more stressful being in litigation department and with low pay

    yes happy to make coffee, and not to worry about the money but who is going to pay bills and rent?

    i have read enough to realise making coffee does not count unless you spill the same in the CV (recruiters will not accpet due to poor skills) they are looking for specific results and skills .

    its demotivating and frustrating not able to find a proper job. applied for banks even for customer services, i was not suitable.

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  • I am planning to do LLB and then ICSA from London n i am an international student..The risk involved in studying this course is that the degree will not be valid in my home country...Is it worth a risk??
    Would I be able to get a job in today's job market??

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  • I always thought that the training contract was the hardest stage. Now after reading all the comments above I'm realizing that the whole profession is tough.

    I'm LPC graduate with a 2:2 and extremely poor A Levels. I was looking into redoing the LLB itself because I barely made an effort the first time round. I was advised that its probably better to do a Masters. Is that better? Do law firms even look at that because ALL the applications I see say minimum 2:1?

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