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  • Dubai Land Department's administrative decisions and judicial review weblink

    Briefings | 19 June 2013

    In the event of a claim from the land developer against the purchaser, the role of Dubai’s Land Department is merely conciliatory to propose suitable solutions for the parties in order to reach an amicable settlement.

  • The implementation of the Jointly Owned Property (Strata) Law in Dubai weblink

    Briefings | 15 May 2013

    Law No 27 of 2007, concerning ownership of jointly owned property in Dubai (the Strata Law), introduced the concept of ‘strata’ ownership to Dubai.

  • Taking your project to market weblink

    Briefings | 14 May 2013

    In this article, Al Tamimi considers the legal requirements and documents required to take a project to market in Dubai and highlights some of the potential issues arising.

  • So you want to build a hotel in Qatar? weblink

    Briefings | 10 May 2013

    Hotel investors and operators can see massive growth potential in Qatar. But how does a hotel business become established given the particular laws of Qatar?

  • Enforcement of a mortgage weblink

    Briefings | 5 April 2013

    The judgment discussed in this briefing highlights how a mortgage can be enforced by the Execution Court in the event a debtor defaults on paying the mortgage instalments.

  • Requirements to register as a developer for real-estate projects weblink

    Briefings | 2 April 2013

    Al Tamimi focuses on the requirements to register as a developer for real-estate projects in Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • Mixed use developments incorporating hotel and residential features weblink

    Briefings | 30 January 2013

    Dubai is now familiar with the concept of Jointly Owned Property where developments are subdivided into “Units”, being the separately owned part of the development (for which the Owner will receive their title), and “Common Areas”, which are to be owned by all Owners in undivided shares and managed by the “Owners Association”.