4-5 Gray’s Inn Square

Bar top 30 position: 29

  • Overview

4-5 Gray’s Inn Square completed a tie-up with Atlas Tax Chambers in 2013 after a difficult 2012 in which it lost a significant number of members, including seven silks.

4-5 Gray’s Inn Square now consists of 31 barristers, three of whom are silks, led by joint heads of chambers, Timothy Straker QC and W Robert Griffiths QC. John Lister and Stephen Broom are the senior clerks. While Atlas Tax Chambers shares facilities and the 4-5 Gray’s Inn Square banner, it continues to operate as a separate entity.

Timothy Straker QC, is a leading public law specialist with an excellent reputation in environment and EU law, while his counterpart, W Robert Griffiths QC, has a multi-disciplinary practice involving commercial, public, planning, local government, property, environmental and employment law.

Richard Clayton QC has an excellent practice in public and human rights law while Anne Lawrence is a prominent junior in the education field. Garrett Byrne is a leading junior in planning and environment law.


4-5 Gray's Inn Square

Silks: 3
Juniors: 28
Head of chambers: Timothy Straker QC and W. Robert Griffiths QC
Senior clerks: John Lister and Stephen Broom