29 May 2000

The Lawyer

  • Lawyer loses sex case


    Joan Grant, lawyer for the Disability Law Service in Central London, was fired after bosses found out she was accessing her fantasy file for ten minutes every day.Grant said she was thinking about taking up a career in writing sexual fantasy novels and also considering setting up a mediation law centre for gays.

  • Partner poaching firm settles


    No terms of the settlement have been released, but Holleb & Coff is understood to have held onto some key clients. Last autumn, Holleb & Coff managing partner, Allen Lev reportedly accused Duane Morris, its chairman Sheldon Bonovitz and the departing partners of orchestrating a calculated plot to destabilise and destroy his firm.Holleb & Coff took the matter to court in September, claiming the 11 partners had breached their fiduciary duty and partaken in a premeditated defection ...

  • Regulatory maze hits merger hopefuls


    The New York firm's survey of 99 jurisdictions shows that companies planning global deals face a mass of new, and often inconsistent regulations.More than 50 countries now have merger notification rules, 40 countries have introduced new merger control regulations in the past decade and many countries have revamped their competition laws in the last three years.Companies which do not correctly find their way through the regulatory maze face steep financial ...