12 April 1999

The Lawyer

  • Alan Whitfield


    One of a new breed of business-minded in-house lawyers, Alan Whitfield has responsibility for all of BT's legal affairs. Sean Farrell checks up on his progress.

  • Barclays plc


    Barclays plc is one of the UK's largest financial services groups, engaged primarily in banking. The group operates throughout 64 countries, including all the major financial centres. It generates profits of around £2bn.

  • Bound by civil liberties


    Shaun Pye meets Geoffrey Bindman after his double victory- for Ammnesty in the Pinochet case and in getting the Hanratty case to the Court of Appeal

  • One tea, no sugar


    Jack Straw is a man with teeth. But he's more likely to bare them than reveal them in a grin, Fiona Callister discovers.