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  • Excellent article - thanks. Hopefully the river is deep, cos the mountain they face is certainly high...

    Bringing a non-insurance based fixed price proposition to market is the novelty here. It will be interesting to see if new litigation funding options make this as attractive as the 'get out of jail free card' that is currently the market's favourite solution - it could well do.

    The SME space - and especially the 5-50 employee territory is very competitive. Not among lawyers, frankly, they were too slow and since the 1970s have been progressively edged out. There are now over 80 employment law based specialists and another 130+ safety specialists comprising a £0.5bn market already active here. Its not just Peninsula and Croner - but in reality firms like Citation and Ellis Whittam (both led or founded by solicitors) have effectively beaten the insurance 'advice and assistance' players (like DAS or Capita) at their own game. Better advice, fixed price, complete solution - red tape removed.

    The sales channel of Tribunal lists is already so clogged up, let's hope RiverView can find another way to scale this Mountain - as that is what the 5-50 employee SME space is - a tough climb.

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